Hackashop on news media content analysis and automated report generation – Call for hackathon participation

The EMBEDDIA consortium is happy to issue the call for hackathon participation in the Hackashop on news media content analysis and automated report generation in conjunction with EACL 2021.

The call for hackathon participation is available here.

The hackathon targets anyone interested in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and will provide access to relevant tools and models from ongoing research, as well as datasets and support from technical experts.

Due to Covid-19, the hackathon is organised as a virtual event over a period of three weeks, Feb 1 – Feb 21, 2021. A specialty of the hackashop is that completed hackathon projects are invited to submit a brief report (appr. 2 pages) to the hackashop workshop proceedings, to be published by EACL, and to present their project briefly (5-10 min) in the workshop event.

The call for peer-reviewed workshop papers for the hackashop has been previously published here.