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Master thesis

Marinšek, R. (2019). Cross-lingual embeddings for hate speech detection in comments. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science. Accessible through: https://repozitorij.uni-lj.si/IzpisGradiva.php?id=112851&lang=eng.

Žagar, A. (2020). Cross-lingual approach to abstractive summarization. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education. Accessible through: http://pefprints.pef.uni-lj.si/6262/.


Below is a list of submitted public deliverables of EMBEDDIA.

WP1 public deliverablesDue date
D1.1: Datasets, benchmarks and evaluation metrics for cross-lingual word embeddings (T1.5)30/09/2019
D1.2: Initial cross-lingual and multilingual embeddings technology (T1.1)31/12/2019
D1.3: Initial context-dependent and dynamic embeddings technology (T1.2)31/12/2019
D1.4: Initial deep network architecture (T1.3)31/12/2019
D1.5: Initial interpretability and visualisation technology (T1.4)30/06/2020
WP2 public deliverablesDue date
D2.1: Datasets, benchmarks and evaluation metrics for advanced crosslingual NLP technology (T2.4)30/09/2019
D2.2: Initial cross-lingual semantic enrichment technology (T2.1)31/12/2019
D2.3: Initial keyword extraction techniques (T2.2)31/12/2019
D2.4: Multilingual language generation approach (T2.3)30/06/2020
WP3 public deliverablesDue date
D3.1: Datasets, benchmarks and evaluation metrics for cross-lingual user-generated content filtering and analysis (T3.4)30/09/2019
D3.2: Initial cross-lingual context and opinion analysis technology (T3.1)30/06/2020
D3.3: Initial cross-lingual comment filtering technology (T3.2)30/06/2020
WP4 public deliverablesDue date
D4.1: Datasets, benchmarks and evaluation metrics for cross-lingual content analysis (T4.4)30/09/2019
D4.2: Initial multilingual news linking technology (T4.1)30/06/2020
D4.3: Initial cross-lingual news summarisation and visualisation technology (T4.2)30/06/2020
D4.4: Initial cross-lingual news viewpoints identification technology (T4.3)30/06/2020
WP5 public deliverablesDue date
D5.1: Datasets, benchmarks and evaluation metrics for multilingual text generation (T5.4)30/09/2019
D5.2: Initial news generation technology (T5.1)30/06/2020
D5.3: Initial dynamic news generation technology (T5.2)30/06/2020
WP6 public deliverablesDue date
D6.1: Recommendations on avoiding gender and other biases (T6.4)30/04/2019
D6.3: Report on user needs and challenges for news media industry (T6.1)30/09/2019
D6.4: Platform requirements documentation and platform design (T6.2)31/12/2019
D6.5: Refined analysis of news media partners’ needs and challenges (T6.1)30/06/2020
D6.6: Interim report on ethics and responsible science and journalism (T6.5)30/06/2020
WP7 public deliverablesDue date
D7.1: Project website and social media accounts (T7.1)31/03/2019