Hackashop Programme

EACL Hackashop on News Media Content Analysis and Automated Report Generation

Programme (provisional)

19 April 2021

9.00Plenary session (at Hackashop Zoom, passcode to be provided later)
– Opening
Keynote. Neil Maiden: Co-designing new technologies for journalists to adopt: Experiences from the coalface
Spotlight presentations of Hackashop contributions
11.00EACL joint coffee break (at EACL Virtual Chair, guide)
11.30Poster session (at EACL Virtual Chair, guide)
Poster presentations of Hackashop contributions
13.30EACL joint lunch break (at EACL Virtual Chair, guide)
15.00Plenary session (at Hackashop Zoom, passcode to be provided later)
Roundtable discussion: AI and the future of media
16.00Hackashop end
All times are in CET

Keynote (in Hackashop Zoom, passcode to be provided later)

Photo of Neil Maiden

Neil Maiden, Professor of Digital Creativity, City University of London, UK, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, JECT.AI:

Co-designing new technologies for journalists to adopt: Experiences from the coalface

Abstract: This short keynote will summarise 5 years of experience to co-design a new digital product for journalists to adopt. The product, called JECT.AI, seeks to augment journalist creative thinking to discover and exploit new content, angles and voices for new articles. The JECT.AI team were committed to co-designing the product and trialing early versions of it with journalists. These co-design and trialing experiences gave rise to numerous lessons learned – some predictable, and others not. The keynote will share these experiences, as part of a collaborative process of designing more effective digital technologies for journalists.

Short bio: Neil Maiden is Professor of Digital Creativity at the Business School (formerly Cass) at City, University of London, and Director of the National Centre for Creativity enabled by AI funded by Research England. He is also Chief Product Officer at JECT.AI Limited. His current research interests include uses of artificial intelligence to augment human creativity and enhancing design methods and tools to generate more creative solutions. He is and has been a principal and co-investigator on numerous EPSRC- and EU-funded research projects with a total value of over €73 million. He has published over 220 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals, conferences and workshops proceedings. He was Program Chair for the 12th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering in Kyoto in 2004, and Editor of the IEEE Software’s Requirements column from 2005-2013. His details are available at https://www.city.ac.uk/people/academics/neil-maiden.

Roundtable (in Hackashop Zoom, passcode to be provided later)

Alexandra Garatzogianni
Head of Knowledge and technology transfer,
Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany
Senja Pollak
Assistant Professor of Language Technologies,
Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Salla Salmela
Finnish  News Agency  STT, Finland
Agnes Stenbom
Responsible Data and AI Specialist,
Schibsted, Sweden
Carl-Gustav Linden
Associate Professor,
Universities of Bergen, Norway, and Helsinki, Finland;
Roundtable Chair

Poster spotlights (in Hackashop Zoom, passcode to be provided later)

The spotlight presentations will be given in the below order, same as in the proceedings.

Poster session (Virtual Chair/gather.town, access via EACL Event Landing Page, guide)

For scheduling, see below.

Peer-reviewed workshop papers
Conforti et al.Adversarial Training for News Stance Detection: Leveraging Signals from a Multi-Genre Corpus
De Los Reyes et al.Related Named Entities Classification in the Economic-Financial Context
Kokalj et al.BERT meets Shapley: Extending SHAP Explanations to Transformer-based Classifiers
Koloski et al.Extending Neural Keyword Extraction with TF-IDF tagset matching
Pelicon et al.Zero-shot Cross-lingual Content Filtering: Offensive Language and Hate Speech Detection
Piskorski et al.Exploring Linguistically-Lightweight Keyword Extraction Techniques for Indexing News Articles in a Multilingual Set-up
Reuver et al.No NLP Task Should be an Island: Multi-disciplinarity for Diversity in News Recommender Systems
Sheehan et al.TeMoTopic: Temporal Mosaic Visualisation of Topic Distribution, Keywords, and Context
Rämö & LeppänenUsing contextual and cross-lingual word embeddings to improve variety in template-based NLG for automated journalism
Repar & ShumakovAligning Estonian and Russian news industry keywords with the help of subtitle translations and an environmental thesaurus
Škrlj et al.Exploring Neural Language Models via Analysis of Local and Global Self-Attention Spaces
WangComment Section Personalization: Algorithmic, Interface, and Interaction Design
Žagar & Robnik-ŠikonjaUnsupervised Approach to Multilingual User Comments Summarization
Hackathon reports
Robertson et al.A COVID-19 news coverage mood map of Europe
Koloski et al.Interesting cross-border news discovery using cross-lingual article linking and document similarity
Martinc et al.Automatic sentiment and viewpoint analysis of Slovenian news corpus on the topic of LGBTIQ+
Korencic et al.To Block or not to Block: Experiments with Machine Learning for News Comment Moderation
Reuver & MattisImplementing Evaluation Metrics Based on Theories of Democracy in News Comment Recommendation
(Link to a pre-print of the proceedings, with all papers and reports, 9.3 MB)

The posters will be up and available for inspection during the whole two-hour poster session.

For poster presentations, the poster session will be divided into short time slots. Posters will be allocated to couple of time slots each, during which an author of each poster is expected to present the poster.